Posted on: January 17, 2008 9:36 am

Just a Rant, That's all!

How many fair weather Pacer fans are there?  It's amazing what a difference a few years make, just a few years ago you couldn't get tickets to a Pacer game now we can't even fill the Fieldhouse half way its pathetic.  Maybe they'd play better at home if they heard a few cheers from the crowd, you can't even hear them now, hell you can hear a pin drop, its like we're all dead in this proud basketball state. 

I'm also tired of all these fans on here dogging Bird, he's not as bad as you guys want to make him out to be, this is the first year he has been in charge alone.  The trade last year that most people hate, Hurricane and myself excluded, was not made by him, it was made by Donnie Walsh.  Bird may have sit on his hands too long during the  offseason but maybe he knows something we don't, maybe he knew there would be more teams vying for Oneal closer to the trade deadline since they could need him for a playoff push.  He has traded away most of our thugs, and I'm sure if he could find a team dumb enough to take Tinsley he'd trade  his ass too!  Give him a chance, by the end of this season we should have an all new team that will be capable of winning games and also will be rebuilding at the same time. 

Lets go Pacers, good win last night now build on it and win these 5 winnable games coming up.          
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